-Revolutionary three mode transmission: conventional, crab and round steering 

· Can shift while the dolly is moving or stationary

· Transmission allows perfect steering geometry when configuring the chassis to its various leg positions. 

· Less maintenance

· Need for air bleeding eliminated

· Corrosion resistance improvement

· All exposed working joints are sealed

· Can be used with rain cover

· All adjustments can be done externally without removing bolted covers or lids 

· Steering chain adjustments have been eliminated, reducing maintenance time

· Larger hydraulic capacity that requires less reacharging 

· Greater strenght the possiblity of damage

· Modular design of steering transnission and shifting linkage facilitates quick and easy replacements 

· Arm provides greater operator clearance with greater rigdity, smoothness, speed & added vertical travel 

· Arm allows for lower camera setup

· Valve concept allows for easy control and provides a greater speed with added precision 

· Stop valve requires no tools for adjustments 

· Universal head

· Side board system that provides a complete walk-a-round ability at both the high and low levels 

· Various leg positions - see specification 

· Build in heat control for the Hydraulic system to maintain a minimum hydraulic oil temperature