Evolution Panther Dolly

High performance, better steering, less weight! The only central column  dolly with a crab + real two wheel steering possibility!  
2 Wheels Steering or Crab Track Pneumatic- or Studiowheels   
Min height 68 cm   
Max height 138 cm   
Lift range 70 cm in 2 sec   
Operational weight 136 kg  

Dana Dolly Hi Hat Universal Kit

Fast and Portable Dolly System

Aluminum Construction 

Black Industrial Finish to Minimize Reflection 

Soft Polyurethane Wheels 

ABEC-7 Precision Bearings 

Kit Includes Dana Dolly, 2-Track Ends, 100mm & 75mm Adapters

Wheels Machined Round

Made in the USA  

Western Dolly-Conventional

(American Grip)

Western Dolly-Complete w/Push Bar, Pull Handle & Pop-Off Wheels
Weight 225 lbs (102.1kg)  

Western Dolly-4Way Steering

(Modern Studio Equipment)

The first Western Dolly to feature round steering. They called them  Western Dollies because when shooting western films, they needed  something huge with large tires to keep the camera stable when tracking  across dirt. Now, everyone loads them up with gear and tows them around  terrain with a stakebed to get equipment from transpo to shooting  location.  

Doorway Dolly- 4 Way Steering

(Modern Studio Equipment)

The first Doorway Dolly to feature round steering. The 4-way Doorway  Dolly has four-way steering, dual push handles, a black powder-coated  steel frame, and gray carpet laminated to a CNC cut plywood top. The dolly includes two-side boards and a camera tie-down. The rear  axle telescopes outward for a wider stance and stability. Wheels remove  for storage with the turn of a knob rather than a cotter pin.