HYBRIS - Shock Absorber

Hybris is custom designed to reduce high and low frequency vib- rations and hard impact shocks typically experienced when shooting from mo- ving platforms on rough terrain or paved roads. The front mount can be set for under or overslung use of any camera, gimbal or stabilized head.  

A finely balance and adjustable linear eddy current brake and spring system gi- ves you a stable platform from which to shoot. The fact that it operates without contact means it is wear-free and unaffected by wheather conditions. It can be applied with great precision. The damping performance is controlled via Hybris- App. 

Griptech Horizontal Vibration Isolator

Low profile.

X and Y axis lock offs.

Mitchell fitting standard.

20mm risers included.  For use with geared heads (hand wheel clearance).

Dampers prove very effective when shooting on rougher terrain (springs don’t “bottom out”).

GFM Vertical Vibration Isolator (Maxi & Mini Shock Absorbers)

The Maxi Shock Absorber is for use with gyro stabilized heads to reduce  high & low frequency vibrations and hard impact shocks during high  speed chases on rough and bumpy terrain. The best results are achieved  when used with the Iso-Dampener.
The Maxi Shock Absorber allows for  individual adjustment and setting, depending on the choice of stabilized  head and taking into consideration the terrain of the shooting environment. 

The Mini Shock Absorber is for use with gyro stabilized heads to reduce  high & low frequency vibrations and semi-hard impact shocks during  high speed chases and rough crane moves. The best results are achieved  when used with the Iso Dampener. 

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Panther Vario Bazooka XL w/Pneumatic Risers

The XL version reaches heights from 55 cm up to 125 cm (21´- 50´). The  mounting is done via Euromount or direct, with three thumbscrews on the  dolly platform. The max. payload is 400 kg (880 lbs). 

Ronford Baker Heavy Duty - Standard & Baby Tripods

 Head fittings
Mitchell top plate supplied as standard.
150mm bowl can be supplied on request.

Technical Specifications
Materials and Finish
Castings are LM25 anodised, stove enameled black texture. Tubes are 1”  dia x 16swg HE30TF alloy, polished and anodized, with nylon wipers and  nylon locking pads. Stainless Steel spikes to feet, with rubber covers.  Locking levers are anodized and stove enamelled black texture. All steel  parts are hardened where necessary, and chrome plated.

With legs spread at 1’6” (45.7cm): closed 3ft’ (91.4cm), fully extended 5’6” (167.6cm).

22lb (10kg).

An infinitely adjustable spreader with a strong elastic clip-down  device, which is secured in seconds. Made from high tensile anodized  aluminium with large diameter locking hand-wheels to adjust length of  spread; steel parts hardened and heavily chromium plated.
Dimensions (center to foot) minimum 1’5” (43cm), maximum 2’1” (64cm).
Weight 4lb 7oz (2kg).

Baby Tripod
As above, but height range from 1’8” (50.8cm) to 3’ (91.4cm)
Weight 18lb (8kg).

Transit Cases Specification
Moulded black grain AVS.
Dimensions 42” x 12” x 11” (105cm x 30cm x 27.5cm) standard.
26” x 12” x 11” (65cm x 30cm x 27.5cm) baby.
Weight 11lb (5kg) standard, 8lb (3.5kg) baby.

O'Connor Fluid Head 2575D

The Fluid Head includes OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance  system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range. Add to  this OConnor’s stepless, ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag, and  you’ve got ultimate control and stability for film style shooting.

As the next generation head of the highly successful 2575 series, the  2575D retains a large number of features and functions from the older  heads but includes many new features:

  • Platform controls on the operator’s side of the head
  • Platform release lever with a one touch finger actuated safety  release catch - allowing for one “finger” or hand action to undo the  safety catch and open the lever
  • Dual platform scales
  • Platform with 4 handle rosettes
  • Soft hand rest on left hand side

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HME Clear-Com Wireless Headset System (DX-100)

The HME DX100 allows up to 4 full duplex or 15 push-to-transmit shared  users to speak to each other via headsets without any interconnecting  cables. Much better than walkie-talkies – you can seamlessly communicate  in hands-free mode or have a private conversation on a secured channel.  You can even use AA/rechargeable batteries, NiMH, or 12-14VDC/automotive power.
Simple and expandable, the HME DX100  comes complete with everything you need for reliable, cost-effective  operation for any application. Now you can mix and match two  COMMUNICATOR® models: the WH200 ComLink all-in-one, wireless headset or  the BP200 beltpack with your choice of plug-in headset.

 System Highlights:
*2.4 GHz license-free operation
*Digital frequency hopping spread spectrum
*Portable, compact design
*Flexible battery-powered operation
*Expandable system  

System Includes: 

Wireless Clear-Com Headset Sytetem

HME DX-100 Wireless Synthesized Base Station

HME-WH220 HeadBand Headset (5)

AC-40 Complete Charging Sysytem w/ Cables

Panther ISO Dampener

The ISO Dampener is designed to absorb the disturbing Horizontal Crane Vibrations.  

Supporting both remote and stabilized heads, the level of dampening can be easily adjusted according to specific requirements. It can be combined with Cranes and Shock Absorbers.


  • Absorb horizontal vibration 
  • Dampening adjustment 
  • Payload 90 kg (200lbs)

Panther Mini Shock Absorber

The Mini Shock Absorber (310249) can absorb vertical vibrations, supporting remote heads and stabiliser heads for the ideal image. The level of dampening can be easily adjusted according to your requirements. Mitchell connection plates can also be mounted overslung, underslung and vertical (Nose Mount / 90°).


  • Principle: Used with a gyro stabiliser head to reduce the vertical vibrations caused from high-speed chases and quick movements.  
  • Usage: Provides more mounting possibilities such as scaffold mount, etc. 
  • Payload: 70 kg / 155 lbs

Matthews Camera Sliders (29"/ 35"/ 45")

A camera platform that is extremely sturdy and  lightweight owing to its innovative open frame construction. 

It is both  camera operator and grip friendly, being virtually maintenance free  (just keep it clean) and totally field adjustable with few basic tools:  one 7/16" open wrench and a set of Allen wrenches.

Fully factory assembled, the system will accept any gear head/fluid  head/camera combination. It comes complete with Mitchell swivel base,  Mitchell carriage, Mitchell 2" riser, filler plate, slim design locking  handle, a set of leveling legs 0" to 6-3/4" (2x4", 2x6"), extra 3/8-16"  screws and a set of spanner wrenches. The Matthews-Slider comes with  numerous 3/8-16" tapped holes for rigging and securing. All three of the standard sizes are completely modular, allowing offset  mounting of the rotating Mitchell base to extend the reach of the  system. This feature may be used for table top, car interior and many  other situations.  

Modern Camera Sliders (Sizes: 2' to 6')

Each are handcrafted by skilled machinists out of aircraft grade aluminum. It remains lightweight and durable and with 3/8-16 Threaded holes every six inches on all sides allow the attachment of  baby pins or nuts and bolts to help you achieve the shot you need.  

Every slider features:

*Rotating Mitchell Base*

* Adjustable Stops*

*Feathered Braking*

*Tilting Mitchell Plate*

**Available Sizes: 2', 3', 4', 5' and 6' **

Camera Crash Housing

Full Size Aluminum Enclosure

XLR Canon 5D Steel Enclosure