- New Sliding Side Board System with both High and Low Modes, Allows a Variety of Positions for the Side Boards, without Removing or Changing the Boards. Hustler IV Side Board System Incorporates Seat and/or Light Pockets for Convenient Placement of Either

· Accommodates Three Types of Steering Modes: Conventional, Crab & Round

· Built-in Heater System for Constant Arm Speed, Even in Cold Weather Conditions

· Can be used with the Rain House Cover

· New 12 inches Extensions for the Built-In Tracking Bar for use while Dolly is on Track

· Works on both straight or curved track without auxiliary wheels

· Performance on track has been Improved Due to New Track Wheel Design

· Works on Standard 24.5 inches Dolly Track

· Greater Payload, Enables the Hustler IV to Carry Many Types of Jib Arms

· New Hydraulic System for Smoother, More Precise Camera Moves

· Arm is More Rigid, Due to Improved Bearing System

· Selectable, adjustable single, double or triple detent system on main valve control for responsive Control of Arm Movement

· Improved Stop Valve System Which Allows even Faster, Smoother Stops

· New Built-In 4-Way Leveling Head with Built-In Camera Swing Head with Quick Release Locking System, Ergonomically Designed for use on the Set

· Removable Deck Controls, Allows Even Lower Minimum Deck Height for Transportation Purposes or for Using the Hustler IV Chassis as a Base, with a Jib Arm

· Hustler IV can be used with the Rain House Cover