aerocrane jib 9.5'


Built-in adjustable dampening provides the fluid head feel to which  most accomplished camera operators have become accustomed. This feature  sets the Aerocrane Jib apart, allowing the operator to go beyond the  restrictions of conventional camera support systems.

In addition, Aerocrane’s heavy duty four-way leveling head provides  an extremely stable platform, which compensates up to 5 degrees. Two  regular-sized shipping cases house the Aerocrane Jib Arm in its basic  configuration (excluding the counterweights), which allows you to build  an arm reach from 3’ (0.92m) to 5’ (1.53m). The additional remote head  package increases the arm reach to 9’ (2.74m). The Aerocrane sealed lead  counterweights, combined with a sliding weight, allow the operator to  attain the perfect balance with any camera package, at any length.

The Aerocrane Jib Arm also features a fully adjustable front camera  bracket, as well as a choice of Mitchell or 150 mm Sachtlerbowl offset  arm, which allow for a maximum travel of 9'8" (2.94m).

Versatility and flexibility are the trademarks of the Aerocrane Jib  Arm. The Aerocrane has given countless professionals more freedom of  choice to create those “special shots” ,without the compromises imposed  by competing jib arms. When mounted on a dolly, the stable and smooth  Aerocrane Jib Arm easily delivers compound moves with minimal time and  effort.


Arm Length

Minimum overall arm length: 5' (1.53m)

Maximum overall arm length: 11' (3.35m)

Minimum length from center post: 3' (0.92m)

Maximum length from center post: 7' (2.14m)

Low-angle will add 1'-8" (0.51m) to the above length measurements.

Low-angle over- or underslung will effect height by 1'7" (0.48m). 

Jib Configuration

Maximum height: 8'5" (2.57m)

Minimum height: -1'3" (-0.37m)

Effective lift range: 9'8" (2.94m) at dolly height of 2' (0.61m).

Remote Configuration

Maximum height: 9'4" (2.84m) 

Minimum height: -2'2" (-0.66m)

Effective lift range: 11'6" (3.50m) at dolly height of 2' (0.61m)

Spoon mounted over- or underslung will effect height by 9" (0.23m)

Max payload: 125lbs (56kg)

Weight: complete Jib-remote arm without leads: 169,3 lbs (76,8kg.)

super aerocrane 35'


The Super Aerocrane is a modular crane that can be configured into 10 different lengths ranging from 8’ to 35’.  

Due to the modular design, the Super Aerocrane is very portable and an excellent option for getting to those hard-to-reach locations.


Arm Pieces Dimensions: 

Length: 3' and 6'/ Width: 5" /Height: 5"

Arm Weight: 

Main arm: 104 lbs/ 6' section: 50 lbs/ 3' section: 33 lbs
# of Pieces: Main arm: 1 /6' section: 3/ 3' section: 1
Arm Clearance:Width: 7'/ Height: 11'

Nose: Length: 21' / Width: 6-1/2"/ Height: 13"/ Weight: 33 lbs

 Width: 31-1/2" / Height: 21-1/2"/Depth: 16"/ Weight: 90 lbs.
Weights:46 Large @ 28 lbs./ 2 Small @ 13 lbs.
Set-Up Time:30 min - 2 people
Base:Length: 5' 4"/ Width: 4' 10"/ Height: 7' /Weight: 345 lbs.

Track: 24-1/2" or 32" wide round
Transportation Weight: Approx. 3000 lbs.
Post to Bucket:7' 4"
Can shorten by 2' for short arm use

Max Height: 27' 4"
Post to Nose: Max 28' 6"
Total Arm: Max 35' 1