- Sliding side board system that allows simple change of side board positioning forward or back 

· Hinged corner boards, makes side board changer over simple and quick

· Versatile and adjustable front board change in mode from upper to lower positions in seconds

· Adaptable sliding board system with both high and low positions allowing a variety of positions for the side boards without removing or changing the boards

· Board system incorporates seat and light pockets for convinient placement of seat or lights

· Three types of steering: conventional, crab and round steering

· Float/normal control valve that enables continous up and down capability of the arm allowing non stop movement

· Built in heater system for constant arm speed even in cold weather condidions

· Can be used with rain cover

· 12" extensions for built in tracking bar mode when dolly is on track

· Works on both straight, curved track, standard 1/2" dolly track and 880 track

· Improved performance both on the ground as well as on track

· Greater payload that allowed for many types of C/L jib arms

· Smooth rolling shots when pushed on a smooth surface

· Quick release clips for quick tire changes

· Arm is rigid due to bearing system

· Stop valve system allows for even faster and smooth stops

· Dolly deck is removable allowing lower minimum deck height for transportation purposes or for using the dolly as a base. Great for 360 degree shots

· Various accessories available

· Hi/Low 90 degree plate complete and seat comes standard